“Integrity Finishing is everything their company name states. They were extremely professional and conscientious of our needs and standards we expected. They not only delivered a superior service with quality painting but stayed true to the costs, and the clean up was amazing. You would have thought our house was that color previously as the country blue color was covered perfectly and there were no drips, splatters or mess of any kind when they were finished. David, the owner was our contact person and he supervised the job. We even received a call from Kathy, the office manager to make sure we were 100% satisfied with the job. Classy and honest company, extremely fair price for the quality we received. We are going to be painting the interior and will hire Integrity finishing for that project as well. That is the true testament of good work, repeat customers!!! Thank you to David, all of the extremely hard workers and Kathy for such a great experience!!!”

Cindy R.

Lake Cle-elum, WA

“We are so glad we picked Integrity Finishing! The process went extremely well! David Gustafson is the owner and was always our contact person. The entire process was handled professionally and they exceeded our expectations (and we are very particular). Their work is meticulous and we could not believe all the prep work they did (e.g., caulking, filling nail holes). They provided paint samples based on our selections, ensured that we were comfortable with the paint, carefully covered and protected all surrounding areas, and were thorough in painting all areas. We have extensive trim, pillars, and covered porches, so the trim painting process took a long time and the outcome was excellent. David, his lead painter, and his crew were professional, friendly, and experienced.

One year later, there were several pillars that were peeling at the base because we should have used an oil-based paint in these areas (our mistake) and the paint on the ceiling of one covered porch didn’t look just right. David came out, agreed it needed to be redone, and explained that the paint had captured some moisture when it was done. No questions asked, he had his crew back over to redo the ceiling (which was not their fault) and even bought the oil-based paint to redo a few pillars at the base… all at no cost to us. Integrity Finishing’s customer service is outstanding! This is a classic “you get what you pay for.” You may or may not get a bid that’s less than Integrity Finishing’s bid, but know what you’re paying for. I’ve spoken to many friends who went with the lowest bidder and their experience is nothing like ours.

We will use Integrity Finishing again and in the future plan to use them to paint the inside of our house. We have never used a painting company as good as this one.”

Laura G.

Fall City, WA

The team was meticulous about the details and when we did a walk through of our 3400 sq foot home, we only found 2 small areas that needed touch up. They painted our home like it was theirs. We had a three story home that was hard to paint with a steep hill in the back. The team was also very professional, easy to talk to, and always asked about options (Should deck and railing be same color or different, etc.) This project was our rental and we will be using them to paint our main home when the time comes. I have zero complaints. I also heard from the neighbors that they were impressed with how carefully the painters performed all their work.
Overall, they were prompt, respectful and detail oriented with everything they did. David, the owner returned all phone calls within a couple of hours. Even when I sent an email, he would respond by calling to ensure that he understood our needs. They provided a very detailed estimate of all the work to be done. Their bid was slightly higher than others, but well worth the money to not have to micro-manage everything. They showed up on time every day and cleaned up after they were done. They were also honest. I asked to get a quote to paint our main home and David said we only needed some window trim done and we could wait on the full house paint job for another 3-4 years. I will use them again in a couple of years and would recommend to neighbors and friends. Integrity Finishing was recommended to me by a neighbor who has been working with them for over 15 years

Kanisha S.

Bothell, WA

Integrity Finishing provided multiple paint samples based on our clients selections, ensuring they get the colors right. They carefully covered and protected all floor surfaces, cabinets, and other items not to be painted. Integrity Finishing is very detailed painting company. They showed up on time, and they came prepared to get the job done right. They are professional, and they always honor their commitments to us and our clients. Integrity has professional & experienced crews. We will continue to use Integrity Finishing as our preferred painter. They are a valued member of our team.

Chris W.

cMAC Contruction, Kent, WA

I was very impressed! David was professional, on-time and great at keeping me aware of their schedule. I really appreciated his ideas on how we could paint our house. We were thinking of going with all one color and he suggested adding a second color to the siding with the trim being the third color. He didn’t charge us extra for the additional colors. I think he has a good eye for what works and I appreciated his input. It turned out looking great, much better than if we’d painted the house one color. He also e-mailed me some pictures of homes they’d painted in a similar fashion and with colors he thought would work well on ours. I found the colors we wanted in one of the pictures he sent and he found the exact colors for us even though it involved him having to go out to the pictured house in order to identify them. The other companies we received estimates from didn’t offer ideas on what we could do and their estimates were a little more so that’s why we chose Integrity. They lived up to their name. I’m so glad we went with them!”

Lynn H.

Lake Forest Park, WA

I first met David & the Integrity Finishing team in 1988. I was working with a high end builder and he was so excited to find a paint company that took new techniques to improve the end result. They weren’t into excuses but into fine work and getting it done in an affordable manner to be competitive. I referred David and his team to several other builders as well as homeowners and never got anything but great positive feedback from them.

Of course when I started my own company I wanted a subcontractor I could count on, and Integrity fit that bill! David has painted over 150 units for us and his team works like a finely tuned machine. Whether we are doing high end or affordable housing in Seattle and surrounding areas- we rely on David and his team to handle all of our painting needs. Restoration, modern or traditional, these guys get the job done well with cutting edge products. You won’t be disappointed.

Brad E.

Conor/Roberts Homes, Inc.

I have been building new homes for the past 15 years and went through several painters early on. I followed up on a mailer I received from Integrity Finishing and haven’t used another painter in over 9 years. Integrity Finishing has what most don’t have, “Experience in application, product knowledge, and the ability to deliver the project ON TIME! & ON BUDGET!” They know what they are doing, and how & when to do it. The price is always the same as what they quoted for the job. The last project was the cabin below, the supplier mis-tinted the exterior body stain and it came out green instead of brown. Integrity Finishing was not at fault, but the supplier was not stepping up to solve the situation, I had a move in date and everyone was on edge. Integrity knew how to solve the problem, worked out the new color & make up of the stain that would give us the look we wanted. More importantly they re-did the whole thing over with out crying about who’s responsibility it was to correct the problem. David said he would “slug that out later with the supplier after we get your clients moved in”. Believe me, that went a long way with my home owner and me. If you’re looking for a good painting company, hire Integrity Finishing!

Craig R.

Craig Reimer Custom Homes, Edmonds, WA

As a contractor that works on high end homes it is imperative to work with companies that have the experience and the right people to get the job done on time and budget. Integrity painting delivers this and more. I can always count on the job being done to the standards that the clients expects. David Gustafson is a true professional that is a pleasure to work with.

Darth R.

Rehder Construction, Vashon Island, WA

The crew did an excellent job. They were on time, professional, cleaned up after themselves each day and were always receptive when I had questions or comments. I would highly recommend them. They also did a beautiful job on our neighbor’s house. Thanks!


Carnation, WA

WOW” You did such a beautiful job on my neighbor’s cabin, I couldn’t wait to see what you could do with mine. “WOW” factor to the max on getting it done quickly with top quality!!! Thanks again

Anna D.

Cle-elum, WA

You’re the best – really. My friend is remodeling and looking for a painter – I told her to look no farther! She is going to call you in a week or so. Thanks!

Kristin D.

Woodinville, WA

This was the first project that I had the opportunity to work with David Gustafson and the exceptional team he has assembled at Integrity Finishing. They came highly recommended, did an exceptional job and even exceeded my demanding expectations. David worked with us during the planning stage to develop a detailed budget that was both thorough and cost conscious. He helped us value engineer each phase of the painting process to be highly cost efficient and then he stuck to that budget throughout the project. When we did have to develop a change order because of an evolving scope of work, David and I were able to work together and develop a solution that was mutually rewarding. His office staff understands the demands of an aggressive schedule and can work around any challenge. His field employees are clean and courteous and the pride that they each individually take in their work is very evident. The use of low VOC paint and the environmentally conscious means and methods practiced by Integrity Finishing helped us to win the prestigious Green Building award from the Master Builders Association. I could continue to heap praise on everyone at Integrity Finishing but perhaps I can sum it up best by saying that I have hired them for every project since.

As a project manager, I was supervising the construction of a large residence with a challenging array of features that resulted in an outstanding finished product. We had raw cedar siding with custom window trim and extensive Doug Fir structural beam work. The exterior also included pine T&G on the oversized soffits and outdoor living area and had Iron Wood decking featured on all four decks. The interior was especially challenging with the 32’ vaulted ceilings, level 5 smooth wall finish, extensive exposed Doug Fir structural beams and columns, custom Doug Fir windows, reclaimed material, and challenging custom exposed Doug Fir staircase. All of our work is especially demanding because of our stringent standards, aggressive schedule and rigorous quality control.

Dan B.

Gordon Construction, Fall City, WA

I needed a lot of work done right away on a real tight move in schedule. I called David and he was able to get a crew put together and start right away. It was done fast and with quality workmanship. Thanks for a great job and getting this redo ready on time.

Jason L.

New Castle, WA

I reviewed the interior millwork and interior wall paint over the weekend and again was equally impressed, especially with the quality of the finish on the millwork. Thanks again to your crew for their excellent effort on this project.

Tom B.

As a home builder in Kirkland, building 10 homes a year over the past decade, we’ve used many different paint contractors, all with a different mix of good and bad attributes. It has been such an incredible breath of fresh air to work with David as he brings together all the good attributes we want in a paint contractor with really none of the bad. His bids are competitive, which is a requirement in this economy, the workman ship is to the high standards that our clientele require. In addition, what’s most impressive to me is how David manages his crew and his company. David has extensive product knowledge, is good w/ our clients, does what he says he will do, which includes keeping a neat job site and starting and finishing on time. In addition, David’s crew does a good job of critiquing their work ahead of time and taking care of those touch-up areas, so I don’t have to find and point them out later.

Josh L.

Merit Homes, Kirkland, WA

The owner, David, was very responsive to my initial inquiries. I requested a bid 8 months prior to actually completing the work and he did not change the bid once I got back in touch to have the project done. They matched the paint colors from a different brand with no problem. The team scheduled me right away and finished the work over the weekend because the weather was good for painting and we didn’t want to risk putting it off. The team did a great job, very efficient and professional. I was concerned that the roof cleaning had created a mess in my neighbors yard and they stayed late to clean all the areas thoroughly. I’ve received a number of compliments on the paint job. I highly recommend them.”

Nan N.

Queen Anne, WA

When I needed to get my home ready for sale, I knew of one professional who was known for quality, neatness, and completeness. Enter David Gustafson and Integrity finishing. My house not only needed a more current and modern face lift, but I needed a consult for colors. David gave me some color ideas from some high end designers he was associated with and a color scheme that really “popped”. I couldn’t be more thrilled with the value and service I received. The price was beyond fair and the end product made me the talk of the neighborhood. I can’t recommend this company highly enough for those of you who are weary or concerned about the numerous fly-by-night painters that just can’t keep up with David’s decades of experience and expertise. Thank You Integrity finishing … a hundred thumbs up!

Terre W.

Kent, WA

I have been a Superintendent in residential construction for 18 years with four different builders. I was first introduced to David Gustafson and Integrity Finishing about ten years ago. One of the builders I worked for had asked all their superintendents to rate the contractors and Integrity Finishing was always among the highest rated and was well liked by everyone. Having worked with several paint contractors over the years, and knowing the quality and professionalism of Integrity Finishing, they were at the top of my “bring with me” list as I moved on to work with a new company. David, specifically, has always been a great resource with product information and problem solving.

Integrity Finishing’s quality, on-time scheduling, cost and budgeting, cleanliness and employees have exceeded our target goals every time. I recommend Integrity Finishing to family, friends and anyone who is looking for a painting company who cares about what they do, how they do it, and most importantly, the people they do it for.

Mike H.

cMAC Construction

I have worked with David and his painting crews for many years. During that time we have completed several thousand new homes as well as my own custom home. Over those many years my experience with Integrity Finishing has been excellent. I have never spent time dealing with painting problems related to quality or problems with meeting our schedules. I have personally done several customer walkthroughs with my customers and painting issues never are on the correction list. Beyond doing a first class job David is always pushing the envelope in terms setting high expectations of himself and his team.


Lungren Homes will continue to use Integrity Finishing for all of our new homes and will continue to recommend them to our friends and relatives as well.

Dan L.

Lungren Homes

I asked a contractor friend for a reference on a good indoor/outdoor painter.  He recommended Integrity Finishing/ David Gustafson.  David came to our home and looked around to get an idea of the work we wanted done.  He sent an estimate via email to us with options for things we still weren’t sure about.  We made our decision, and contacted back Cathy in their office.  She arranged for the painters to come on the week of Sept. 19, 2011.  The Painters were two women and one man.  They were awesome!!

I really enjoyed the two ladies in my home, as they were here most of the week.  The gentleman who sprayed our front door, did an excellent job, and finished in less than one day.  I was amazed at how perfect and detailed it was.  We had some cracks in our sheetrock above our master bathroom shower.  They were patched and then coated with three coats of paint.  That area looks like new now.  I’m really pleased with all their work, and the great customer service they provided. Overall, it went great!

Karen Y.

Sammamish, WA

I still remember when David (the owner) came to assess my work; there was a sense of relief. He was truly professional. He was able to assess well my situation. By that I mean he was able to determine what had actually been done correctly, what needed to be fixed, and what had yet to even be started. He looked at the array of empty, semi-empty and untouched paint cans and assured me that I didn’t need to worry, they would sort it all out and take care of it. That is exactly what they did! They came in and picked up seamlessly where the other painting contractor had left off and regained my confidence that I could find someone I could depend on to paint my home and do an excellent job. Then after completing the interior they pressure washed and prepared the exterior of my home and painted it as well. They painted both the body and the trim and did another great job! They were professional and I especially appreciated the way that they ran their business. In fact the way the crews were coordinated and worked together was amazing. There was a definite chain of command so at all times I knew exactly who to go to with any questions or concerns and no request I had was too small or too big for them even if it meant redoing something because I had changed my mind. They graciously accommodated each of my requests with patience and respect along with an obvious commitment to do quality work and I knew that what was of utmost importance to them was my complete satisfaction. Each crew member was experienced and did quality work. They also worked quietly, kept a clean work site and were conscientious to protect all surrounding areas. It truly was a pleasure to work with Integrity Finishing and they will have my business from now on for whatever painting I need done!
I needed to find someone who could pick up and finish what work had been started by another painting contractor. The interior of my house had been painted off and on by one and sometimes two painters over the course of several months. Their excuses (when I could get a hold of someone) ranged from car troubles, to bank troubles, to eating too much for dinner the night before.

At that point, I needed someone to not only pick up where the other company left off, but someone who could also figure out what had actually been done, what else needed to be done and then determine how best to go about completing the rest. I needed someone that I could trust completely to get the job done and then I found Integrity Finishing!”

Carolynn T.

Issaquah, WA

Integrity Finishing really lives up to their name! They take pride in their work and make sure they do things right. They made us aware of problems with our drywall and delayed painting until the issues were resolved. They pointed out that our walls weren’t flat or smooth enough, there were dings, scratches etc. They recommended we ask our drywaller to come back and fix his work. He ended up coming back twice before Integrity thought the walls were at a point where the paint job would look good. Our contractor agreed with Integrity’s assessment. It would have been easy for Integrity to go ahead and paint the less than ideal surfaces, but they wanted to get things right and for us to be happy with the results.

The paint job looks great! I’m thankful they informed us of our drywall issues. I found everyone I dealt with at Integrity to be very responsive and reliable. I would highly recommend them!”

Michael H.

Lynnwood, WA

Just wanted to express to you our appreciation for the excellent quality of work you are doing on this project. The exterior came out great and the attention to detail is exactly what we are seeking in our efforts to differentiate this home from others we will be competing against in a tough market.


West Seattle, WA

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