Transformations. They are always occurring in and around us. In Issaquah we are currently in the midst of a major transformation of a new home by Chateau Construction. This beautiful custom home of 6,000+ sq. ft. boasts an open foyer, elaborate formal living room, skylights, built-ins and more. Nearly every wall surface is encased with tiers of intricate crown, baseboard, wainscoting, panel molding, and wall trim.

The process of turning a state of raw carpentry to a smooth, finished, and durable surface entails a professional system that our team is expertly trained in.

1) We prepare wall surfaces for primer by first spackling every nail hole and caulking every joint and angle where wall meets trim. There are literally thousands of nail holes, and miles of caulking. This step alone takes weeks for crews to perform with a house of this size and detail.

2) Next, every surface and crevice is sanded smooth, cleaned, and and given an initial coat of primer.

3) Following the first coat, we perform a critique of all surfaces, checking again and again that all joints are sealed and every surface is flush. Once we are satisfied with this finish we apply a second coat of primer and perform another critique. All of this ensures when it’s time for the finish coat that every nook, cranny, and surface area is neat, clean, and completely ready for the first coat of semi-gloss.

Check back soon as we get closer to bringing this house into its next phase!